Flat 10% Off On Purchase of ₹2000 or Above! Use Code: BAREWEARTRIBE
Flat 10% Off On Purchase of ₹2000 or Above! Use Code: BAREWEARTRIBE

Join the Bare Wear movement and escape the confines of uncomfortable bras and fashion restrictions. Apply nipple covers with ease, feel the instant lift, and step into a world of fashion possibilities. Our detailed videos on 'How to Apply Body Tape' and 'How to Remove Body Tape' will guide you effortlessly.

How To Apply

Ready to try? Just peel, stick, and slay your style!


Step into the Bare Wear revolution and let your fashion fantasies stick with our body tape fashion! Open, Peel, Use and voila! Go incognito.


Get ready to rock 'n' tape! Prep your skin, make it clean and dry – we're about to get sticky!


Unleash your inner artist and place our magical body tape over your fabulous nipples. It's like a secret superhero cape for your girls!


Gently pat those nipple pasties in place, ensuring they stick like glue. Don't be shy, give 'em a little love tap!

How To Remove

Step into freedom as you gently peel away the body tape, shedding your style armor and revealing the true essence beneath. Farewell dear body tape, until our next fashion adventure calls for your invisible embrace.


It's time to bid farewell to your Bare Wear masterpiece. Take a deep breath and get ready for a painless parting.


Slowly and gently peel back the edges of the body tape, revealing the skin beneath. Channel your inner ninja for a smooth removal.


If you encounter any resistance, don't panic! Grab a trusty oil or lotion and give your skin a little massage to help ease the tape off. Easy does it!


Unstick the day with ease – BareWear, your trusted escape artist!

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