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5 Boob Tape Hacks That Make You Red Carpet Ready: Ft. Cannes

5 Boob Tape Hacks That Make You Red Carpet Ready Ft. Cannes

I’m sure you must have witnessed the Red Carpet at Cannes. Oh! What a treat to the eyes. We know a few influencers who were invited for the first time. And what a blast we had! These newcomers were at their best, flaunting their stunning dresses for the greatest Cannes Film Festival.

Who knows you could be next? Oh, girl! Stop underestimating yourself! You’ve got all that’s needed to be on a Red carpet. However, you may need to ditch your bra as your bra might become  your biggest disappointment. It is probably the reason for you, to put your plunging neck-lined and backless dresses at the back of the shelf.

Girl! these are not meant to be left out. Instead, it’s time for you to open a closet of opportunities for which you thought you weren’t enough. Stop wasting your time and switch to boob tapes now!

Top 5 boob tape hacks for a quick breast lift and to get Red Carpet ready

You never know when the invite comes. Till then, why not try a few hacks that can offer you the best shape? These push-up tapes are without an alternative, offering you the best look you can ever put up.

Here’s how you can get ready with some amazing boob tape hacks.

#Hack 1: Apply them along the curvature

The best boob tapes are all about the lift they can offer to women with varying breast sizes. I recently suggested a friend of mine who has a size B and wanted a lift for her first date. Her dress was one of those little red dresses that are V-neck.

All she had to do was apply the nipple covers first and then use the breast-lift tape from the middle base of the breasts to the upper part where it wouldn’t be seen. For many, this should offer you enough lift and a gorgeous cleavage. But, you can obviously add some extra to it by taping both of your boobs together for the best fit.

#Hack 2: Using less tape in more ways

You all must have at least one thin-strap dress that can give you the best summer look. Well, we even see some dresses with plunging necklines and a thin strap enough to give a chic look. Here’s how you can style such dresses with your desired boob tape.

Try cutting one piece of the tape into two halves. The first one goes just according to the curvature as the previous one, from the middle base. For the second piece, you can start pulling the tape from below the breasts onto the top to get the ‘lift’ that you’ve been wanting. This application hack gives you a push both from the bottom and from the sides.

#Hack 3:  Choosing the tape color wisely

Using boob tapes is all about not showing the bra. You can always go for a tape color that matches either your skin tone or the color of your dress. This way, even if there is an Oops! Moment, no one would find out.

Just like the other day, I saw a girl wearing a black top. She literally had the best breasts and I wondered, ‘Was that a Bra?’. That’s when I saw her boob tape, peeping out, and guess what, it didn’t look any ugly. Instead, it matched the piece of clothing she was wearing, giving her one of the most flawless looks ever.

#Hack 4: Going for longer tapes for strapless dresses

Every dress has a different neckline. Some are even backless. But, do you think the application process remains the same for all? Of course Not!

Girl, you must understand that these push-up tapes are the most versatile items you can ever find. They give you the perfect lift and confidence and can be applied any way you want them to, till they are under your dress. Like for a strapless dress, you can apply the tapes from the sides of one nipple pastie, below the breasts, onto the other side in a criss-cross manner. You’d be amazed by the look such an application can provide.

#Hack 5: Cutting and pressing is a must

If you’ve tried boob tapes, you’d know how the corners might get caught on a piece of your dress that you are wearing. But, if the tapes are rounded from the edges, you can ensure no lifting at all. Round corners also avoid any creases making the application smoother.

Also, while applying the boob tape, make sure you have pressed them well on your skin. Having them over-stretched might reduce the adhesive. Instead, a firm pressing right up to where it is needed can ensure its effectiveness.

So girls? What are you waiting for? If you haven’t gone for a boob tape yet, this is your cue to try one. Stop compromising your comfort with bras and go for boob tapes to sway your look for the Red Carpet invitation.

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