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First Timer With Boob Tapes? Let Us Answer Your Queries

First Timer With Boob Tapes Let Us Answer Your Queries

We all have a first time for everything. Be it going for a bold fashion choice, experiencing a ride, or applying boob tapes. Such decisions require a lot of confidence and thank god, we women, have it.

Boob tape is the best alternative for bras these days. At least, that is what I believe. I had been using bras for a very long time. At first, they were fine, but things started growing out of hand with my changing body and fashion needs. The more I wanted to evolve with the new fashion trends, the more I got restricted due to my bra. Especially for backless and plunging neckline dresses, wearing a bra was a disaster. That’s when my friend suggested I go for boob tapes and WOW!

The transformation was worth experiencing. I wore all of my favourite outfits without any worry of revelation, peeping bra straps, or any sort of rashes and irritation. Not only did boob tapes give me back my lost confidence but also changed my wardrobe look entirely.

You ask? We Answer: Boob Tapes for all body types

Today, boob tapes are a must for me to create a compatible look for different outfits. I’ve also suggested it to a lot of my gal pals, and each of them has appreciated it equally.

However, despite women becoming more open to using boob tapes, not all of them have the clarity regarding the product and its application.

So, here are some FAQs that women generally have on boob tapes. Let’s help you solve your queries here!

Are Boob tapes actual tapes?

Yes indeed. Boob tapes do function like any other tape, but the adhesive that they use is medically graded.  It does not cause any harm, especially to sensitive skin. Instead, you can enjoy comfortable support, no matter what outfit you wear.

What are boob tapes actually made of?

It is important to pay attention to the comfort of women wearing these tapes. It is for this reason Bare Wear boob tapes are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Cotton makes the tapes breathable and sweat-proof while spandex allows stretchability. These will ensure that your breasts get a comfortable hold and are secured tightly in their place.

Can I wear boob tapes for the entire day?

The adhesive of the best boob tape brand offers security of 7-8 hours. So, for your everyday office look, or while attending a party; these might just be your ideal choice.

I have big breasts. Will boob tapes hold them right?

Definitely! Boob Tapes are designed to work for women of different body shapes. In fact, these are perfect for the plus size women who have larger breasts.

These tapes are 5m long but with two different widths- 7.5cm and slightly more than 10cm. If you are struggling with heavy breasts, the 10cm wide tape might be your right choice. Not only does it offer a reliable fit but also additional support. For ones with smaller breasts can use the 7.5cm wide tape to add an extra volume to their breasts.

Is it a must to wear nipple covers with boob tapes?

Women need an extra layer of protection for their sensitive nipples. This is your biggest reason to wear nipple covers with body tapes. These offer a comfortable fit and shield your nipples from coming into direct contact with the adhesive.

How should I wear nipple covers with boob tapes?

This is a very simple process. Start with applying the nipple covers in the right position. Once you have done it, you can tape your breasts according to the fit you are looking for in your outfit and you are good to go. Bare Wear has tutorial videos and professional stylists who can offer you tips on how to apply these tapes under different dresses.

I am a lactating mother. Should I go for boob tapes?

During the lactation phase, women must take good care of themselves. The skin at this time becomes a lot more sensitive than usual. Applying boob tapes during such a stage might cause skin infections. Thus, it is always better to start using these tapes once you have completed your lactation period.

Are boob tapes suitable for swimming?

The adhesive of the best boob tapes is tested to be water-resistant and sweatproof. Thus, you can easily go swimming, just by wearing these under your bathing suit.

How to apply boob tapes?

Boob tape application is just as easy as taping a product. All you need to do is cut a piece of this tape from the roll, remove the paper to reveal its adhesive side, and then apply it according to the shape you’ve been wanting. The application is completely painless and can be done in a few minutes.

Is the boob tape removal process a painful one?

If you plan on removing the boob tape like you’ve been removing the waxing paper, it ought to be painful as hell. Instead, try going for a simpler process. Apply some oil on the tape and tap it well so that the oil is absorbed. Once done, start peeling the tape from one side. Complete the process slowly and enjoy a pain-free removal experience. There might be several bras in the market, but the comfort of wearing boob taps is nothing compared to it. Stop harassing yourself and go free with boob tapes.

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