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Want a lift for your double D? Here’s how I lifted mine with Boob Tape

Want a lift for your double D Here's how I lifted mine with Boob Tape

I recently developed the newest obsession. Yes! You heard me right. I was finally able to fit my girlies in a dress that seemed impossible.

It’s common for women to have dresses that are the sweetest but are the most difficult to fit in, especially if the cup size is a D or a DD. I had one too! It was the ‘It’ dress; the most glamorous, most significant. But in my post-pregnancy days, getting the desired fit with bras became impossible.

I tried several bras that guaranteed me complete coverage and lift. But yuck! Their fitting was definitely not the one I was looking for. That’s when I came across this lifesaver- Boob tapes!

Why go for one? Can these be trusted?

You won’t believe the support boob tapes gave to my double Ds. My dress now has the best neckline and looks super cute! Girl? you need to ditch bras for good! These sticky tapes are the exact thing I’ve been looking for my entire life.

Here’s how I know these are best for me.

They ‘ACTUALLY’ give a lift!

I have tested way too many products in the past, but my experience with boob tapes is the best. They have an adhesive on one side of the tape. So, I can measure how much I need for the lift and where the breast-lift tape is to land. Once done, I can easily trim it off, revealing the adhesive side, and Voila!

As light as a feather

In my past days of wearing a bra, I remember how heavy and uncomfortable they were. The aching straps, the itchiness, and definitely, the wires, Ugh! Lots of pain.

But, once I started wearing the breast lift tapes, I almost forgot I had them on. They are so light and comfy that you won’t feel a thing. The fabric is pure cotton, breathable and 100% sweat-proof. Indeed, they became my best buddies!

They make my ‘backless look’ flawless

Who said new mothers can’t sway after childbirth? Well, I still do! Thanks to the size-inclusive best boob tapes ever for giving me my best fit. I can literally flaunt my back without being worried about the tape’s visibility. Not only are these thin and skin-like, but they also have different shades. This means I can choose mine according to my skin tone.

When I step out, I do that with confidence. I can’t imagine how I managed with bras this far! Switching to boob tapes was the best decision I took. The difference is insane. And you can always take it off in a breeze by using some oil. These loosen the adhesive making the removal absolutely painless. And yes, if it can hold on to my DDs, so can it yours!

New with Boob tapes? Check it out here!

It’s okay to be new at something. You really need to start somewhere, love something so much that it starts loving you back. Boob tapes are your best babies. You can completely rely on them for your comfort, support, and lift.

Here’s a quick guide on how I use them.

Step 1: Clean the skin

I start by cleaning my skin to ensure there is no kind of moisture or any other lubricant present. I would not want them to come off right when I don’t want them to.

Note: Applying boob tapes without nipple pasties might be harmful, so I highly recommend not going for it.

Step 2: Peel the tape

Once the skin is clean,  I put on the nipple pasties in the right place, followed by taping the breasts. I peeled off the side of the tape that had the adhesive and stuck it to my skin.

Note: Go for tutorial videos. When I started using boob tapes, I was unsure about the application process. That’s when I found tutorial videos on Bare Wear. They made the application look much easier and instructed me on how the tapes should be cut and placed.

Step 3: Start styling

Once the application was done, all I had to do was slay! I was finally able to wear the dress that I was unable to fit into. These tapes gave my girlies the best fit!

I tried the best boob tapes so that you don’t have to go with the trial and error methods. It’s time to change your comfort by switching to boob tapes, this instant!

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