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Struggling With Sagging Breasts? Here’s How Bare Wear Boob Tapes Can Come In Handy For The Plus Size Women!

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Sagging breasts is a natural occurrence in women. Females face this issue due to factors like age, pregnancy, weight loss, or genetics. Such breasts are likely to cause discomfort in women, preventing them from wearing the outfit of their liking. 

Switching to surgery may not be the most ideal alternative. Instead, one can plan on switching to Bare Wear boob tapes. These unique tapes are built to keep women’s breasts in shape and offer them the right support and desired shape. Some are even calling it the superhero of lingerie. Let’s take a look at this blog to know how these help women with such an issue. 

Understanding Sagging Breasts: Know from the best boob tape brands.

The Bare Wear body tapes are among the best alternatives to bras. These have been tested to fit all bust sizes starting from A to J. But before one can start using these products, they should have an idea about the factors that are causing such a sagging.

The breasts are composed of glandular tissue, fat, and ligaments known as Cooper’s ligaments. These are meant to offer structural support. It has been observed that many a time ligaments stretch and lose their elasticity, leading to a drooping or sagging appearance. Most commonly these are seen in the post-pregnancy stage. In such cases, body tapes are the best way to go. 

However, it is recommended to use this product at least six months after the lactation period is over. Apart from this, one can also reach out to a Gynaecologist for a medical consultation on whether they should use it or not. 

How do Bare Wear boob tapes benefit women with sagging breasts?

The primary role of these tapes is to offer lift and support to the breasts. Besides holding them in place, they are also meant to offer a discreet solution that seamlessly blends with any outfit.

1. Instant Lift: 

Every woman facing the issue of sagging breasts tries to reach out for an alternative to keep them in shape. By opting for body tape fashion, one can easily get an instant lift from sagging to lifted breasts. By strategically applying the tapes, women can achieve a more lifted and perky bustline. This in turn enhances their overall silhouette and boosts their confidence.

2. Invisible Under Clothing: 

Summers have already arrived. This season is often followed by wearing light coloured soft fabric clothes to stay cool. But what about the visibility of the lingerie underneath the outfit? If you are still wearing a bra, this might be an issue. But, with the best boob tapes, one can easily maintain their discreteness under clothing. Unlike bras, these do not leave a visible strap. Rather, the whole look stays natural and gives you a sweat-free, bra-free look. 

3. Customizable Support: 

Have you seen bras offering you customized support? For sagging breasts, these are never the perfect alternative. But, with boob tapes, one can get a subtle lift for everyday wear or a more dramatic lift for a special occasion. In short, they can adjust the placement and tension of the tapes according to their individual needs and preferences.

4. Versatility: 

The boob tapes have become incredibly versatile. For many women, switching to body tape fashion has offered them with several benefits. One can shape their breasts according to the neckline of the dress. Also, they won’t have to waste a lot of money on buying individual bras for individual outfits. 

These are some of the most crucial benefits of using a body tape. Apart from such things, Bare Wear has also introduced nipple covers, available in different sizes, shapes, and colours to match the skin tone of the individual. Also, the application and removal process is equally easy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Still stuck on the sagging breasts issue? Wait for longer. Reach out to Bare Wear for the ultimate collection of body tapes and nipple pasties and flaunt your way. With the right application, you can create a customized cleavage of your choice that will make all the heads turn in the room. Boob tapes are a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their silhouette and embrace their natural curves.

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