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The Secret to Seamless Style: Tips and Tricks for Applying Nipple Covers

The Secret to Seamless Style Tips and Tricks for Applying Nipple Covers

Tired of searching for alternatives to cover up your nipples? Stop! I have found the best accessory that will not only keep up with your comfort zone but will also give you the best look. Having confusions? Well, that’s probably because you have never tried nipple covers before.

Time to say goodbye to revealing bras and take a chance with these skin-friendly nipple covers. They offered me the best fit for my tight dress and also prevented any peeping of the nipples through the dress. Want to know what makes it special? Let’s read along.

Choosing Nipple covers: Why are they best for me?

Each of us has at least that one dress that reveals our bra either because it is too tight or backless or white. Those who plan on going braless with such an outfit, unfortunately, end up facing some serious embarrassment. Trust me, I know.

It was probably right after the incident that made me desperate to find something that offered me coverage but without the visibility, the straps, and the pinching. That’s when I stumbled upon one such brand that had the best nipple covers for women, made of pure cotton. These were skin-friendly and offered me the best comfort. I felt confident, wearing them, especially under light-coloured outfits.

Here are the features that made them my constant choice.

  1.  Fashion-friendly:

Nipple covers are my ideal choice during a fashion emergency. These are best for my outfits that are sheer, made of thin materials, or body-hugging. Besides, who would want visible bra lines on their outfit when they can go for a more polished look?

  1. Supports sensitivity:

I have been using the best nipple cover brand and so far, there are no regrets. These are perfect for sensitive or sore nipples as they provide the most reliable support and comfort.  I have also found them enhancing my breast appearance. The seamless look of the busts gives my outfits a gorgeous look.

  1. More comfortable:

These are by far the most comfortable garments I have ever tried. Not only do these create a layer of protection between the clothing and the nipples but also prevent any sort of chafing or irritation. Even those who believe they have sensitive skin can also try women’s nipple covers as they use medically-graded adhesive.

  1. Easy application:

This is my favourite reason for choosing nipple covers. In our busy schedules, we all love to wear or use things that do our work faster. This very factor goes for the best nipple covers for women as well. Why should we wear a bra when all we have to do is peel the sticker and stick the nipple cover in 3…2…1. Done!

I’ve been using Bare Wear nipple covers for a very long time now. And, for me, these are indeed the best nipple covers to go for.

Tips and tricks to know about nipple covers

Over time, I came across several facts that I believe can help you as a first-timer. Here are some easy tips and tricks to know on how to use nipple covers for women.

# Tip 1: Position your nipple cover properly

One of the first things that I learned during my application process on nipple covers is to take time to place them. I saw tutorial videos that explained how I must hold the cover in the position I want to stick it to and then use the other hand to press it gently to get the position right. The air bubbles should be removed in case there were any and Voila! I was set to wear my favourite outfit.

# Tip 2: Cleaning the skin well

My first mistake while using nipple covers was to apply the sticker on sweaty, lubricated skin. It was winter and I had applied lotion all over my body. As a result, the moment I used the cover, it started coming off almost instantly. It was then I saw the manual that said that I was supposed to clean the area first and then apply the covers. Well, since I’ve told you this, I hope you won’t make this same mistake.

# Tip 3: Check for the sides

I do this, and so should you. Once my application is done, I take a quick look around the edges to see if they are properly attached to the skin. This is an important tip and ensures that you have successfully applied nipple covers.

# Tip 4: Be gentle on your skin

Removing nipple covers might be a daunting task as it is stuck to one of the most sensitive spots of a woman. So I used oil to massage it over the covers and remove it once the adhesive was loosened. So, what are you waiting for? Go for the best nipple covers and enjoy one of the most amazing comforts. Ditch your bras and say hello to nipple covers today!

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