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Here’s how to Embrace Body Positivity

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Remember the famous quote from Friends, the iconic sitcom still enjoying reruns on Netflix? In one of the episodes, Ross was seen teaching Chandler how to avoid couple fights with ideal responses; Ross says – “Does size matter? -No, and it works both ways!” 

Sadly, the society we live in is not as accommodating as one’s partner may be; size, shape, and each physical attribute matter and even become a parameter to judge women. 

Body shaming takes place on multiple levels. Post a candid, unfiltered image on social media and watch comments pour in critiquing flabby arms, tummies, and tiers; but the most piercing comments are reserved for one’s breasts. Ask any woman about ‘boob shaming’, and she will tell you the negative comments she has had to endure for her breast size and shape. 

If a woman has small boobs, she looks unflattering; women with big boobs are advised to tone things down, and women with sagging breasts are laughed at. 

Boob shaming can have adverse effects on women. Dealing with toxic comments about their boob size or shape, served with snide suggestions of getting a boob job done is not easy. Only by embracing body positivity, can we put a stop to this negativity. 

Let’s delve deeper. 

Body shaming vs. body positivity: 

Let’s talk about body shaming first. 

From time immemorial, women have felt trapped in the stereotypical beauty standards that society has set for them. The confines of the corsets have only been replaced by the push-up bras that let women comply with the societal pressure to portray the perfect boob shape and size.

In a recent post, a plus-size influencer with 500k followers shared her experience. She tries to boost body positivity through her posts and flaunts her unique body (bust size 44) in different outfits; she receives adulation for her efforts but she also has to endure hate comments such as ‘Why do you order clothes that are not of your size?’ or ‘You are so fat’. Even celebrities can’t escape body shaming and boob shaming on social media.

Women with small busts often receive suggestions to hide their ‘flaw’ with a push-up bra and create an illusion of perfect proportions.

With age, busts lose their firmness. It is a normal biological change that every woman will undergo, but fans of body shaming aren’t buying it. So elderly women and mothers who have sagging breasts get savagely trolled. 

We women must realize that the only effective way to counter boob shaming is through embracing body positivity.

Body positivity believes in celebrating one’ s unique body regardless of its shape and size. Body positivity begins with a small step- accepting your uniqueness. The moment you do so, you empower yourself to rise above the toxicity of body shaming. 

How do you boost body positivity? 

Love your body: Your body is unique, so love yourself. Ditch the perfect body image propagated by society and shatter it by flaunting your uniqueness in every outfit you wish to wear. Stop listening to the hate comments and most importantly do not entertain the idea of changing your body. No matter which outfit you choose to wear, accessorize it with oodles of confidence.

Find your inspiration: 

Explore stories where celebs, despite getting body shamed, gracefully stand up for themselves. Find influencers who are shattering the ‘stereotypes’ every day by posting videos, stories, and reels to encourage women. 

These influencers do not shy away from sharing their struggles; instead, they make it a point to post videos where they discuss their challenges. Learn from them how they overcame the toxicity of body shaming. 

Do not hide your body, flaunt it:

Stop paying heed to what the boob shamers have to say, and ditch your push-up bras. Why create an illusion when your body is so unique? The bras not only cause skin irritation but they are also harmful to your health. Free yourself from the confines of bras and rediscover the pleasure of dressing up with boob tapes. Women across age groups are loving the concept of boob tapes as these tapes are safe, versatile, and convenient. Select any outfit and secure your assets with boob tapes from the best boob tape brand

Boob shaming, body shaming should not diminish your spirit. Do not allow a toxic comment to make a dent in your confidence. Support fellow women who are struggling with body image issues.  We have been talking a lot about body positivity, it’s time we walked the talk.

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