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7 Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Style Boob Tape for Red Carpet Glam

7 Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Style Boob Tape for Red Carpet Glam

Women these days are obsessed with the Red Carpet Glam. How do you plan on getting the perfect America Ferrara look or Eva Longoria’s 2023 Oscars look without using body tapes at all? Of course, celebrities rely on ingenious fashion hacks to make sure they are flaunting their way on the Red Carpet.

The body tape product is a miracle product, ensuring that you get every detail of yourself, picture-perfect. This not only provides support but also allows celebrities to go for daring challenges but also gives a heads up to fashion enthusiasts to come up with new fashion trends. Let’s know about the 7 celebrity-inspired ways of how you can style yourself for your next event. Who knows? You can be a part of the next Cannes or even Oscars!

Styling with Boob tape: Know about the ways

There are some very common as well as some very innovative ways of styling your dress. Let’s know which of these were inspired by the Red Carpet looks.

Look 1: The Classic Cleavage Boost:

You must have checked out Jennifer Lopez’s look from the premiere night of ‘This Is Me…Now: A Love Story’. People drooled over her look then. It is not a surprise that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have mastered the art of enhancing their cleavage with boob tape.

If you are looking for such a look for your next event, go for body tapes. Just apply the strips from underneath, pulling each breast to give you an uplifted and accentuated cleavage. A dress with a low neckline is the perfect pair for you, offering maximum impact.

Look 2: The Side Support:

You must have come across Christina Ricci’s outfit for Emmys 2024. She did slay in her Saint Laurent Gown. But, how do you think managed her side cutouts? Well, definitely, it’s the art of applying body tapes.

This is a must-have if you plan on wearing a dress that may showcase your plunging armholes. A side support using a boob tape is an easy trick. Make sure the tapes go along the side of the burst so that they can add extra support and security. With the use of breast tapes, you are always ready to flaunt your daring silhouettes.

Look 3: The Strapless Wonder:

Strapless looks are an all-time favorite for women. Kudos to Zendaya, slaying her way through at the Emmys 2019 in her Sheer Corset Dress. Everybody these days is choosing a strapless look for their Red Carpet Glam.

The visibility of bra straps is no longer in fashion. Rather, flaunting a strapless look by with this Beyoncé and Rihanna is your cue to start your strapless fashion journey. Creating such a look is also quite easy. Just tape your chest horizontally to make sure there are no areas peeking out and you are done. Wear strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses with confidence, knowing your bust will stay in place all night long.

Look 4: The Halter Hold:

Halter necklines are one of the most trending looks of the old Hollywood Glamour. This might be a bit difficult as it requires specialized support to keep all the areas in check. The Halter neckline dress that Scarlet Johnson wore to JoJo Rabbit’s premier is probably the best one has ever seen.

For creating such a look, make sure you tape your busts from the base to the shoulder in a cross-like manner. This will not only give extra support but also offer you a flattering look for any halter dress or top.

Look 5: The Backless Beauty:

These are a timeless classic. Boob tapes are the best when it comes to going for a backless dress. In fact, for most Red Carpet looks, backless dresses are the only savior.

Creating this look is just as easy as tying a ponytail. Just tape the sides of the bursts vertically to allow you to wear backless or low-back dresses with ease. No wonder celebrities flaunt a seamless and stunning silhouette that’s sure to turn heads.

Look 6: The Plunge Protector:

Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie have definitely perfected the art of the plunge protector. Feared to get one yourself? Go for Body tapes.

Just apply strips of tape in a V-shape from the sides of your bust toward the center. This will create a secure barrier to keep everything in place while still allowing you to rock those daring plunging styles with confidence.

Look 7: The Sheer Perfection:

Everybody demands a perfect sheer look. Be it the celebrities at the Red Carpet or the fashion-enthusiastic women. This art can be mastered only using boob tapes. Sheer fabrics are the most elegant pieces of cloth that add a touch of romance and allure to your look.

If you also want to enhance your sheer look, go for these tapes. Apply strips of tape strategically underneath sheer panels or fabrics, ensuring coverage and support without sacrificing style. These were some of the best Red Carpet looks that you can go for. And for the support that you need, check out Bare Wear, your one-stop solution to complex fashion looks. Get the best comfort and support and style your next ‘Look of the Year’.

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