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Bare Wear Nipple Covers: Are They Safe for Your Skin?

Bare Wear Nipple Covers Are They Safe for Your Skin

You must have heard about these new skin accessories that are the talk of the town these days. Nipple covers, also known as nipple pasties are one of the most sophisticated items that you can wear with confidence. These products offer discreet and complete coverage and help you wear any outfit with the best comfort.

Bare Wear ensures that the covers fit every skin tone. The Bare Wear nipple pasties are of high quality and offer a great performance, and these get recommended by the best stylists. For those wondering how to use these products, we also have a ‘talk top stylist’ section present just for you. If you have any confusion regarding the products, and do not know how to wear them, you can explore this section. In case you might be wondering what makes us so special, here are the factors that explain how safe these nipple covers are for your skin.

Factors that make nipple covers safe for your skin

Here are your reasons to choose Bare Wear nipple pasties for your skin. We know how sensitive our skin is. We therefore try to do our best to protect and keep it out of harm’s way.

  1. Hypoallergenic Materials

One of the foremost considerations that Bare Wear makes for skin safety in nipple covers is the choice of materials. They choose hypoallergenic materials that are likely to avoid irritation and any sort of allergic reaction.

Nipples being one of the most sensitive skin areas require materials that can cover them properly. These are 100% cotton products which significantly reduce the risk of irritation or allergic responses. Thus, they are safe for your skin and will protect it despite regular usage.

  1. Adhesive Quality

The adhesive that is used in the Bare Wear nipple pasties is strong enough to keep the covers securely in place. This doesn’t mean that removing them would cause pain. The gentle fabric used in these covers can be easily removed without any skin damage. The adhesives used in these covers are medically verified and tested by experts. Furthermore, they are also produced in such a way that they can stay in position even during excessive sweating.

  1. Proper Sizing and Shape

Bare Wear nipple covers are created to suit all body types and tones. The variety in covers makes it the best choice for most women. The range of shapes and sizes it possesses allows it to be set for different breast types and sizes.

For women, covering the area of the nipples is of utmost importance. Bare Wear ensures that the covers are of the right measurements to align with the natural contour of the breasts and give you a comfortable fit.

  1. Easy styling

An advantage of using nipple pasties from Bare Wear is that can be easily styled. Apart from using the covers, one can also go for the pre-cut Bare Wear body tape to give their breast a better shape.

Fortunately, adding these to the skin is not an issue. It is rather more of a gentle process, involving an easy peel-and-stick process. Even the peeling-off process is rather a smooth one and does not cause any sort of pain.

  1. Easy Application

These women’s nipple covers contribute to the overall skin-friendliness. The adhesive of these covers contributes to the health and hygiene of the body and also offers several economic benefits.  However, it’s essential to follow the instructions rightfully provided by the manufacturer to ensure hassle-free usage.  At Bare Wear, we offer tutorial videos to help our clients with the process.  Under our “Talk to Stylist’ section, you can get expert guidance on how to use nipple covers. 

In the world of fashion and functionality, nipple covers have emerged as a valuable accessory for those seeking discreet and reliable coverage. Ensure that you choose nipple covers that not only have breathability and high quality but also possess proper sizing and ease of application and removal. 

Prioritizing these factors ensures that nipple covers not only serve their purpose effectively but also provide a comfortable and safe experience for the wearer. As you explore the diverse options available in the market, remember that investing in high-quality, skin-friendly nipple covers is an investment in both your wardrobe and your well-being. The nipple covers by Bare Wear are sweat-proof, skin-friendly, and comfortable. These give you the confidence you need to wear your favourite outfit.

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