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Comparing Bras and Body Tapes: Making the Right Choice for Comfort

Comparing Bras and Body Tapes Making the Right Choice for Comfort

Women can relate to the struggles of wearing a bra. For 99% of women, the first thing to do after entering the home is, pull off the bra.  The only question that comes to mind then is ‘How to get rid of this!’ Some would definitely want to detach them from the body when it’s no longer needed. But that is just us being way too delusional.

So, how do you plan on keeping your comfort and your shape right together? Just switch to body tapes! Bare Wear body tapes are your life-saver, ensuring you can wear any outfit without the struggles of a bra. This superhero of adhesive power ensures your stays are put and your comfort is guaranteed. Some might still be hesitant about choosing such a product so suddenly. But, you don’t need to worry, because we have got it covered for you.

Here are some pointers that will make you realize why body tapes are a better alternative than discomforting bras.

Why should you go for body tapes instead of bras? Let’s compare both!

Body tapes are probably the most versatile thing on this planet. They are not just meant to hold your breasts in place but also fix any sort of wardrobe malfunction that comes their way. Besides, you are even saved from the hassle of buying different types of bras for different outfits. Let’s know about some other factors as to why they are better.

  1. Body tapes let you flaunt a perfect cleavage

Not every bra is meant to give you the cleavage you are looking for. If you are a lady with small breasts and want a confident uplifted look, seek out body tapes and breast tapes from Bare Wear. These are easy to apply, made of pure cotton, and are sweat-proof. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the wire pinching you now and then below your chest area or be a victim of irritation after you remove your bra.

Boob tapes from Bare Wear are an element of style. They are created to provide you with a hidden comfort. Thus, you can surely say goodbye to your uncomfortable straps once you have accepted this product.

  1. Body tapes are indeed versatile

One who has already learned the method of body tape fashion would know that speaking about the versatility of these tapes wasn’t a bluff. They are the perfect wardrobe saver, giving you the accurate look to flaunt your way in any outfit.

As a plus point, you get these tapes available in different colours- black, brown, and nude. The Bare Wear body tapes use medical grade hypoallergic adhesive that guarantees you an 8-hour wear. Unlike bras, you won’t have to wear them more than once. In short, they are extremely good to use on the skin and indeed hygienic.

  1. Body tapes boost your confidence

Women must be acquainted with the common problem of bra straps peeping through the collar of the dresses or falling off now and then. But with body tapes, no such issue can occur. The more tape you put, the more confident you are! Sometimes, wearing nipple stickers with these tapes can also be a good way to go for it.

In case you are still a beginner at it, check out the instructional videos on how to use boob tape available on the Bare Wear website. You must explore our ‘Talk to stylist’ section for better guidance. Keep practicing and you will indeed master the art of applying body tape soon!

  1. Body tapes maintains hygiene and breathability

One of the most important things that you need from these products is proper breathability. We know that it’s hygienic since these are a one-time use. But, do these invoke proper breathing and air circulation? Absolutely! The Bare Wear breast tapes are made of cotton, which is a lot beneficial, especially during the summer.

Also, there are no chances of chafing as there are no straps. In short, no bras, no multiple layers of fabric, and no underwire! To add the cherry on top, these can be adjusted any way you like. Thus, you can tailor your own shapes accordingly.

Bras are the traditional wear for inner comfort. They have been carried on for generations. But now, with the introduction of body tape, a light of liberation has appeared upon women, allowing them to embrace diversity in style and body positivity.

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