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Body Positivity: Breaking the stigma of uneven breasts

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Breast asymmetry is more common than you know! There is nothing to be concerned or to be ashamed of, all breasts are unique and beautiful in their own ways. An estimated 94% of the population, regardless of age or body type have uneven boobs.

It feels empowering to embrace our distinctive features such as breast asymmetry, as it challenges social norms and promotes body positivity the more we talk about our asymmetry, the more awareness it raises that having uneven boobs is entirely normal.

The precise causes of breast asymmetry are not always obvious because they can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle decisions. The development of the breasts may differ in size during puberty due to hormonal changes. Breastfeeding, other life experiences, or trauma or injury to one breast might also contribute to the asymmetry. It is important to learn self-compassion as the first step towards accepting breast asymmetry. Remember that no one’s body is exactly symmetrical, and be kind to yourself. Positive affirmations should be used to fight negative thoughts. Your perception of your breasts may change significantly if you wear bras that fit appropriately. Find bras/breast tapes that are comfortable and supportive. Consider consulting with a therapist or counsellor if breast asymmetry is significantly distressing as they can help you overcome self image issues. You’ll learn the inner beauty that transcends outward looks as you love and accept your breast asymmetry. Let go of unattainable beauty standards and cherish the physique that gracefully and powerfully leads you through life’s path. Accepting your individuality will help you to see your own beauty.

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